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Blog Category: Learning & Change

Leadership When the Conditions are Tough
Comments      23rd January 2015      Learning & Change
The recent heatwave experienced during the first week of the Australian Tennis Open tournament has provided a window of reflection into leadership, cultural memes and of course, risk management. It has been interesting, watching from afar, how the leadership dealt with the unprecedented heatwave conditions, how they were driven by their own cultural memes and how ultimately, they made a series of risk denial decisions and only corrected their actions very late, after player and public outcry.
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Comments      17th January 2015      Learning & Change
When you drove to work today, did you take the same route and park in the same spot even though there were lots of other spaces available? Did you walk into the office and make a cup of tea or coffee and use the same cup? How about when you walked into the lunch room did you sit in the same chair as you always do? What makes it your parking space, your cup or your chair? Is it the feeling of certainty or familiarity, does it give you comfort to know you are in control of your actions?
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Are we there yet?
Comments      13th November 2014      Learning & Change
Everybody wants a strong culture in their organisation when it comes to risk and safety management. There are sevenmain tips all organisations should consider when addressing culture change.
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Walking Rather than Sitting
Comments      26 July 2018      Learning & Change
As we are well into winter we thought why not visit one of our past posts on walking. Hippocrates wrote, walking is man’s best medicine more than two and a half millennia ago yet we are still coming to terms with the practicalities of its meaning in the 21st century. Today we understand that moderate walking lowers cholesterol and blood pressure whilst reducing the risk of obesity, stress, diabetes, vascular stiffness, inflammation, colon cancer, dementia, depression and even erectile dysfunction. This understanding is supported by numerous contemporary studies.
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Road Transport: Changing Behaviour
Comments      1st September 2014      Learning & Change
The recent series of road trauma events involving the transport industry and resulting in the deaths of members of the public is focusing our attention yet again, on the preventative work still left to do. These incidents are rightly making front page copy in the media as we express our exasperation at the senseless loss of life and our expectations that this industry should consistently be doing better.
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